According to highly educated people competition defines

“Whenever we compare our self’s to others to check our capability is known as competition’’

There are lots of other definition of competition even each word have more than one definition and they all have a different meaning for different people it’s all about the sight of vision a person.

Somebody says competition means a fight to prove yourself some says it’s a battle in which you have to defeat your competitor.


Every person has a different and unique definition of each word and sentence but the interesting thing is they all are correct at their own place.

But the fact is real definition connects all the definitions and their meanings are related to each other.




What is the real definition OR MEANING of COMPETITION…?

If you want the answer check in the conclusion




1# Check ability:

When we compete with others we can see the ability of our self as well the ability of other person and we learn from other and see which skill they have or technique they use because everyone has a unique skill.


2 # improve our self:

 If we compete with others we can learn from each competitor and after each competition, we improve our self because learning is a lifelong process it’s never be ended.


3 # knowledge:

 Each competition gives us knowledge because when we compete with other we always increase our knowledge because we learn from each moment and if we learn. Then our knowledge increases and we are eligible to face tough competitions of our life because learning is a lifelong process which means we’ll never stop to gain knowledge.


4 # Develop never give up ATTITUDE:

   After competing with others again and again and  face the defeat no of times we are habitual to challenge the defeat “If we defeat seven times then we stand up eight times’’

After all this, we will able to develop the never give up ATTITUDE.


5 # Develop a fighting spirit:

 When we began to survive or stay in competition then we have to fight for our survival by hook or by crook, unfortunately.

We develop a fighting spirit for our survival because know body wants to eliminate from competition rather than it’s a real-life competition or any sports game.

If you’re a true warrior,

competition doesn’t scare you.

It makes you better


What do we learn from the competition?


There are lots of things which we learn from competition some of them we count in benefits which were you see above but there is also some special quality which we develop from competition and we cannot count them into benefits. Which qualities are


  I am definitely sure you all of them hear this line

“Honesty is the best policy’’

This priceless quality we develop from competition because if we are not honest or loyal then nobody can compete with us and we cannot learn from them or game.

This quality is also important for the real-life game as we know life is also a game so we have to be honest.



We all know taking the right decisions on the right time in every competition is also quality because taking a right decision on right time in a game is not a cup of tea.

Your single right decision converts the all game and your single wrong decision changes the whole game.

So taking right decision on right time it’s a major responsibility or a big decision which affects the whole game of life.


#3 Capability to choose the right person according to situation

Choosing the right person for right work is also an important decision or quality of a person.

Which we learn from competition because if the person which we choose is not capable to do that work we cannot win the game. So choosing the right person is also a huge responsibility or quality.



When we compete in a team or individual we observe our competitor and try to predict what will his/her next step and judge the people.

So we will make our strategy so unfortunately, this is also a quality of judgement which we can improve in the competition.


#5 conquer the Fear of failure:

Everyone fails when they began something new know one can learn from their mother stomach but most of the people leave what they began because they have a fear of failure.Competition

But few of them conquer this fear and achieve success in life but most of them don’t achieve success because they don’t know about the real meaning of success to know about success go to SUCCESS.

and after that, you will be able to conquer your fear of failure and able to achieve success

Because in every competition, first of all, you have to face the failure and after a walk, through this journey of failure of your life you will be able to conquer the fear of failure and definitely achieve success.



If you find the real meaning of competition, first of all, you have to know about its benefits and what we learn from competition.

Actually there is no real definition of competition

But its real meaning is to compete with yourself and judge your improvement from your previous failure or success.

And it is a lifelong process because first, we learn then we improve and after that we achieve our goal because learning is a lifelong process so improving is also a lifelong process.







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