Failure is a state when someone doesn’t achieve a particular thing, or unable to accomplish his/her Desire. Most of the people in this world afraid to fail because they only see the one face of the coin they never understand another facet of the coin,  they always try to play on the safe side. Only a few people see the other side of the coin. May be because they don’t understand the value of the rough side. and they don’t know failure is the biggest liar on the earth







  • society accepts the only winner
  • people are fear from failure
  • they thought after failure life will finish
  • they not ready to face failure
  •  they don’t want to sip the taste of failure because people make laugh
  • they don’t know to fail means first attempt in learning
  • they don’t have enough courage to bounce back from first attempt in learning

                        FOR MOST PEOPLE,

               THE REASON THEY DON’T WIN


                 THE PAIN OF FAILURE


                      FAR GREATER



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lesson#1; EXPERIENCE

The first important lesson gained from failure is an experience.

What happens when we fail? When we go through something and can walk away with firsthand experience, it helps us to develop a deeper understanding of life.

The experience of failing at something is truly invaluable. It completely alters our frame-of-mind through the induction of pain. It makes us reflect on the real nature of things and their importance in our lives, transforming and improving our future-selves.

Lesson #2: Knowledge

Failure brings with it important firsthand knowledge. That knowledge can be harnessed in the future to overcome that very failure that inflicted so much pain in the first place. Nothing can replace the knowledge gained from failure.

When Thomas Edison famously failed nearly 10,000 times to create a commercially viable electric light bulb, with each failure, he gained the knowledge of just one more avenue that didn’t work. It was the accumulated knowledge developed from nearly 10,000 failed attempts that ultimately led to his success.


Lesson #3: Resilience

Failing in life helps to build resilience. The more we fail, the more resilient we become.

In order to achieve great success, we must know resilience. Because, if we think that we’re going to succeed on the first try or even the first few tries, then we’re sure to set ourselves up for a far more painful failure.

The characteristic of resilience can help us in so many ways in life. Resilience helps to breed success by setting the game up to win. Gone are the lofty expectations that thing will happen overnight, and in comes the expectations that true success will take an enormous amount of work and effort.


Lesson #4: Growth

When we fail, we grow and mature as human beings. We reach deeper meanings and understandings about our lives and why we’re doing the things that we’re doing. This helps us to reflect and take things into perspective, developing meaning from painful situations.

Life is designed for us to grow and improve. From the very genetic fibres that make us into who we are as individual persons, into the fabric of society on a global scale, growth is a fundamental part of us. Without growth, we couldn’t improve life on every front.


Lesson #5: Value

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn from first attempt in learning (Fail) is the necessity to create and spread an exceedingly high amount of value. In fact, the value lies at the heart of success and a lack of value is a fundamental pillar to fail.

In thinking about your past failures, think about how much value you brought to the table. Could you have offered more value? Would that have prevented to fail? When you learn to create immense value and do so consistently, you will eventually succeed.



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