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Most of the people in this world are tangle in their daily routine problems like; rent, marriage problem, office tension, workload, children education, fighting with neighbours and many more these problems are countless.

They all are entangled consistently in these problems because they don’t know the reality of life, their thinking gets shrink constantly, their minds are filled with clutter because of their small thinking.

They all run to find happiness because they want to be happy but they don’t know they all are run behind the pleasure.


Why people run behind the pleasure, not happiness..?


Ans: see in conclusion




Pleasure is a short term feeling but people thought pleasure is a  long term feel, but they don’t understand it’s a short term feeling they thought this feeling still stay as long as they want and they counterfeit the reality and live in a dream world.

People thought pleasure is happiness but they are wrong and they live their whole life with this misconception4vkb9914

But if we see the people dream world which is totally contrasting from reality. People don’t have the guts to face the reality but the truth is always the truth and one’s they wake up from their dream that time the conditions are worst and this is the truth of life and people don’t forget this truth. They have to remember it.



Happiness is a long term feel this will stay as long as life in reality happiness is nothing but the thought process of people which they (1)

Most of them don’t differentiate between pleasure and happiness but few of them can and they live their life with happiness.



Every person has a different thought process and each person things differently and every person has a different sight of vision most of the people don’t understand this process as we are human mind is the most powerful thing in this universe but people don’t understand this.

Each person used a single word in different ways if we change our words we change our thought process which changes our reality and reality change our life. If we use our Thoughts process in the right direction then we can change our life.

                            Thoughts are just

                                 not our


            But it creates our imagination


               ability to change our life


How to distinguish between pleasure and happiness

Suppose, we have a dream to become a billionaire this is our wish which generates from our thought process if we can use our thoughts to achieve this goal we will definitely achieve our goal because we know the power of thoughts, but if a person has a wish to stay with his/her family and they don’t live alone a single second without their family then, but actually this is a  pleasure because it is impossible to live with their family without leaving them for single second but people didn’t understand this thought process,

Also, there is a fear generates with this pleasure from their thought process the fear of leaving their family but this is actually not more than thought if people understand the gameplay of thoughts which is very easy to learn then they feel always happy.


There is nothing about the pleasure and happiness they all are the thought process of our mind, which is most of the people don’t understand. but if you learn the gameplay of thought process you have to distinguish between the pleasure and happiness which was mention above after reading that you will able to control your thoughts process.

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