Industries That Will Make You A Millionaire

Industries That Will Make You A Millionaire

As we all know we all have one special skill which is compatible with us some has the speaking skill and someone good in bargaining, every skill is we used in business and we all know business needs some skill. if you don’t have any skilled business is not for you even nothing is for you, you need at least one thing to survive in any industries which are compatible with you.



Similarly, as an entrepreneur choosing the right industry is very critical, and there are many industries that we could get into the right and sometimes I think we are overconfidence and we say we could go into any industry sell any product offer any service and provide solution and we could be very successful doing that.

I think that’s simply not true, so today I’m going to share with you nine industries that are most likely to make you a millionaire and if that’s your goal there are many industries that you could get into now I’m not talking about like gimmicks and tricks like cryptocurrency or winning the lottery.

I’m talking about legitimate proven industries they have created millionaires and billionaires industry.

Number one that it’s most likely they will make you a millionaire and that is


Now when I say financial services I’m talking about the management of money, money lending or management of assets. We’re talking about the long associations’ banks financial companies, insurance companies broke it a lot those firms are very wealthy because there’s a lot of money in money one of the things I’ve learned from one of my mentors.

Financial Service

He said to me don’t want to forget the money it’s in the money there’s a lot of money to be made just by managing, handling investing money. Michael Bloomberg former mayor of New York became a billionaire by providing financial data to the financial industry.



Now you know Google to Facebook the Apple but we’re talking beyond there. Think about traditional industries that you could go into mainly by using technology, the more you could do to disrupt that industry and you can see that a lot.

Now we call their disruptors right how could use technology to make things more efficient we’re talking about robotics, artificial intelligence and automation and we’re talking about manufacture of these technology products, or even providing technology as service billions and billions and billions does, where the well is going to be created in this particular sector.

So are you a next technology entrepreneur


My mentor talks about this a lot of health care because people are willing to spend a lot of money to live longer, so health care I’m referring to could be assisted living senior homes pharmaceutical any products or services there help people to live longer and stay healthier, that’s very good industry to get into industry.


You know the U.S spends $10,348 per person on healthcare and $3.3 trillion dollars in 2016 this cost is an increase in 2017 at 4.6% and increasing yearly. United state spends 17.6 % of its GDP on healthcare


United Nations forecast predicts by 2025 the world’s population we increase to almost a billion people by 2050 it would be almost 10 billion. People that are 10 billion people on this little planet by 2050 now what does that mean where the opportunity is.

Real estate

Do you know? real estate makes 90% millionaire in the world and the internet is most preferred for home searches in India with 462millions users and India is the second-largest internet market in the world.We all need a place to sleep in to play in to entertain to go shopping for real estate in construction.



With all the changes all the technological changes that are happening knowledge become very critical. People want to learn they want to equip themselves with skill sets and that’s the space that I mean in the education and software space because I could see the opportunity happening right now in front of us to connect individuals people professionals to 21st-century skills and job opportunities now within education you can also have products and services and software there helps people in many different ways.

So we have traditional education but we also have alternative education outside of the school systems, right and it doesn’t always have to be academic it could be other types of education that can help people to lead a better life education.


Beyond just education, people want to be and detained in fact people demand entertainment you look at all these big companies are getting into the entertainment industry.

Now, what am I talking about movies, animations, productions, special effects there are so many companies going into their industry Amazon Prime, of course, your Netflix.

This list I could go on and on and on why because this is where we are going now, on the other hand, thinking about industries that help and facilitate this particular industry but also we’re talking about influencers You Tubers and people on Instagram.

Now for the first time you have people in their industry stand-up comedians could make millions doing that before you couldn’t most of the time they struggle but now we are in this age of people want entertainment, so if you can find a way to create a product or service or company around this to service this particular industry or to service this demand you can also make millions.


Now human beings we like to travel as now where the internet the more we see, we don’t want to always want to be stuck in a house we want to go out there and see things.

So air transportation and aerospace huge opportunities but also think about now people buying online and shopping online where do you think the opportunity could be handling shipping packages. I’m not just talking about FedEx or UPS or DHL think of something like uber eat people like stuff being delivered to them, as now people shopping more and more online this is a huge industry just by being able to provide service, a product it could be as simple as providing software to help these companies to manage inventory better.

Write all the shipping handling better that could be easily a multi-million dollar business.


Energy industry especially renewable energy so going beyond and just all unguessed now we’re talking about solar or wind right. So with billions and billions of people, we all need power we need more power to power our devices and our technology so that’s a huge industry.

If you can come up with creative solutions it could solve this problem not just millions we could be billions of dollars but you need to have sir team. You need to have an understanding of how this whole thing works and you know to be able to work with the government on how to execute this properly but there’s definitely a lot of money to be made in the energy industry.


Now with billions of people not only we need power, we need a place of living, we also need to eat it’s in the food industry that’s not gonna go away. With so many people on the planet, we need a more cost-effective more efficient way to produce create food right to produce food to feed so many people.

So what do we need to do again maybe you can come up with a solution that could go into these certain industries and I’m not just talking about fast food because with so many options people want healthier choices as well, and to me supplements health type products all those products fall into this category/

If people are eating it and taking it to want to have a healthier life yes that falls into this as well.

So those are the nine industries that I believe that is most likely to make you a millionaire, but it also combined that with your skills your background in and you’ll know how any into the right industry. It’s one thing but you also need to be the right person in the right industry in order to make it big does that make sense?

Pro Tip:

I said earlier every one doesn’t get into any industry there is always a specific industry which fit for them, you have to only find that industry, and after finding this particular industry you have to research on it before get into because knowledge reduces the risk the more knowledge you have, the lesser will be the risk and if you have knowledge then you have an answer of this question how to grow your business?


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