Inspiration to innovation


We all know and hear this statement many times
“The need is the mother of innovation”.

This statement means a lot in this digital world which also changes with
“The speed of light”,

Everyone wants to increase the performance of everything to make their
life easier, better and enjoyable. Which means they have to improve the quality and life long.

Performance of everything and also take advantage as long as possible but if they want to enhance the lifelong achievement of the thing which is around us like Gadgets and machinery etc.

They have to innovate because the whole process belongs to innovation.

People think
innovation is a God gifted which is given to only extraordinary people remember this.


people are not extraordinary,

they are not different from us,

but their thinking is,

which makes them extraordinary.”

They have to increase their brain performance and also increases their level of imagination,

and I think there are lots of ways to increase the level of thinking and creativity because.



 is more important 

than knowledge.

  For knowledge is limited,
whereas imagination

embraces the entire world,

stimulating progress,

giving birth to evolution.”





Thoughts Process

As we all know, thoughts have extremely endless or infinite power, which can make any person’s, life as well as destroy their life.



If any person has positive and inspiring thinking which makes that person’s life and somebody
has negative thinking which can destroy their life. If we want to make our thought process better, we have to learn how to control our thought process because more than 98% of people cannot control their thoughts process.

Because they do not understand what thought the process is, without understanding it they live their life according to their beliefs.

They did not change their Thoughts according to their life, which they want to be live, but they choose to live their life according to the flow of thought.
People think controlling their thought process is extremely difficult, but this is not true it can be tricky.

They believe in walking in the walk with the crowd is right because
If all the 98% of people can do that work which is obviously right according to their mind because
this thinking followed by 98% people they believe in an opinion, not on facts.

According to facts

” the world of a person can create their thought and thoughts transform into action and action
creates lifestyle and Lifestyle replaces with reality and reality becomes life”



So, we can say that a single word can also have the power to change the whole LIFE of a person.
It can also affect the personality of a person which is also another important factor
because the nature of a person can depend on their lifestyle and as we read above Lifestyle,

depends upon the words and we all know about the power of words which have the infinite power.


Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.”




As we know environment of any person also plays a significant role in their  life because our surrounding environment can affect our lifestyle and we always react towards any situation according to our surrounding natures because we become habitual to act like that because our subconscious mind give that suggestion to our brain and  our brain provides instruction to our body then our body react this all things can also happen upon our mirror neurons.





“It’s not what happens to us,

but our response to what happens

to us that hurts us.”

A neuro mirror in over mirror in overly simple terms in the equivalent of Monkey is or birds of a feather flock together that is our brain is programmed in imitate but we see other does it explain why quant fund manager invest in some stocks why poor people stay poor even through their now lot of money and wire child race in English speaking different dialect of English with the different Ice and then a child born in the United States of Australia.






Specialised knowledge

There are two kinds of knowledge one is General and the other is specialised general knowledge no matter how great in quantity of variety it maybe is off,                                      but little used in the accumulation of money the faculties of grade universities possess in the aggregate.

practically every form of general knowledge known to civilization most of the processes have but little or no money the specialised on teaching expertise,

But they do not skilled in the organisation of the use of knowledge is not attract money unless it is organised and intelligently directed through practical plans of action.


“The range of human knowledge

today is so great

that we’re all specialists

and the distance


specializations has become so great

that anyone who seeks to wander

freely between them almost has to forego

closeness with the people around him.”

The Definite and of accumulation of money lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people.                                                                                  who forcibly believe that Knowledge Is Power it is nothing of the short knowledge is only potential powered becomes power.



Only when and if it is organised into a definite plan of action and directed to a particular and this missing link.

In all system of education loan to civilization, today may be found in the failure of the education institution to teach their student how to organise and use knowledge after their quiet.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that because, Henry Ford had but little schooling he is a man of education those who make this mistake do not know HENRY FORD, nor do they  understand the real meaning of the word educate the word is derived from the Latin word “educo ”determine to introduce, to draw ou,t to DEVELOP FROM WITHIN.



An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialised knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or it is equivalent, without violating the right of others. Henry Ford comes well within the meaning of the definition.

Any man is educated you know where to get knowledge when he needs it and how to organise the knowledge internet plans of action through the assistant office mastermind group and the Ford as this command all the specialised knowledge is the specialised knowledge is needed to enable him to become the wealthiest man in America it was not essential that we have this knowledge in his own mind surely know person who has sufficient inclination and intelligence to read a book of this nature can possibly miss the significance of this illustration.

Before you can be sure of your ability to transDESIRE into its monetary equivalent, you will require SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE of the service, Merchandise, for the profession which you intend to offer in the returns of Fortune. Perhaps you may need much more specialised knowledge that you have the ability or the inclination to acquire it if it this should be true you my bro your business through the head of your” MASTERMIND” group.




ANDREW Carnegie stated that he,  personally,  knew nothing about the technical end of Steel business. Moreover, he did not particularly care to know anything about it. The specialised knowledge which he required for the manufacture and marketing of steel, he found available through the individual user of this mastermind group.

The accumulation of excellent Fortune call for power and power is acquired through highly organised intelligently directed specialised knowledge, but that knowledge does not necessarily have to be in the position of the man accurate the Fortune.

The preceding paragraph should give hope and encouragement to the man with a mission to accumulator Fortune. Who has not to present himself to the necessary education to supply specialised search knowledge, Asma requirement sometimes go through life suffering from inferiority complex is because they are not mean of education.

The man who can organise and director mastermind group of men who possesses knowledge useful in the accumulation of money he just as much German school has animal in the group members remember this if you suffer from a feeling of inferiority because your schooling has been Limited Thomas Edison had only 3 months of education during his entire life did not like education leatherhead Deadpool Henry for had less than a 6th graders cooling but but cooling but but he has managed to do pretty well by himself financially.

Specialised knowledge is among the most plentiful and the cheapest form of surface which may be had if you doubt this concert the payroll of any university.


“Innovation distinguishes


a leader


a follower.”

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