Inspiration vs motivation


Most of the people do not understand the meaning of inspiration and motivation; they are confusing between them, and they swap up the sense of them. If we want to differentiate between them, first of all, we have to deeply understand the meaning, both of them.


Then we will able to differentiate between them, people think motivation means always feel energetic and do something continuously without taking a rest or Break, they never want to stop and taking rest between their work but this is not true. You must also think about it.

How somebody can do work continuously without taking a single break, even when a machine starts doing some work after some hours it needs to break if we can’t turn off that machine then it will heat up and does not work well even more chances are it will stop working.

So how we expect from a human body can work always without taking a break. people have to understand they have to think Deeply in their mind and understand it. Don’t worry I can help you to understand the meaning of motivation as well as inspiration, taking a break or rest from their work is not a bad thing but people take it in wrong way but they also can’t understand the real meaning of taking rest from their work.

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Taking a break from their work is not mean that you will go to bed people already take asleep at night for 8 hours which is sufficient for them for the whole day, here taking rest from their work means doing nothing from your body, but you are aware of your mind or your brain you can think about your work but don’t take any action physically you have taken rest physically, but at the level of their mind you are working.


In past decades each great scientist always do this thing they go to a peaceful place and sit in one position for many hours or even some days in a few cases, they doing nothing just sitting on a one place but they worked at the level of their mind but they are in rest at their physical state the benefits for doing this thing is they were sharp their mind and as you know there is no limit to sharping their brain.

Due to this think they were able to increase their level of Thinking or imagination and innovate or discover the new things you think the topic of this article is motivation VS inspiration, but in proceeding paragraphs I can’t talk about it but if you want to understand the meaning of both you have to understand these things which describe in past paragraphs.


Motivation means whenever we feel low energetic but we want to do work, then we find a way to get engines us but it can happen only with words.

There are lots of ways to stay Motivational

  • Go for a walk in nature

  • Meditate or practise yoga

  • Take a camera outside

  • Practice deep breathing while listening to nature’s sound

  • Draw or paint a scene outside your window

  • Watch motivational movies

  • Get lost in nature

  • Read motivational blog

  • Immerse your self in learning something new

  • Brainstorm for ideas

  • Ask your parents

  • Listen to Music

  • Give your self a pressure-free day

  • Try something new

  • Sing in the shower


As we read in the preceding paragraphs people live in the illusion that they always stay in motivation but as we know motivation is for short term period and this is not the solution for the energy.


If we want to do something for the long term we have to be inspired from a person or anything because if we inspired from something most of the time we feel energetic I know at this point you think why I said most of the time, but I can’t say ”always” because you can also think nobody can stay in always energetic position.

If he or she is the human being or animal because the graph of our feelings emotions and energy always fluctuated up and down. We can’t stay always in the same position we have to be changed you can also think, the straight graph shows a dead body because the dead body stays always in the same state. I agree with inspiration is Permanent but we can’t stay always be inspired in fact nobody on this earth can stay always be inspired or motivational.


Which is the right inspiration OR motivation..?

After reading the preceding paragraph, you can understand which is good inspiration and motivation. I am definitely sure you already select the inspiration. But you were wrong you think why you were wrong. Now, this can be crazy for you again think over it deeply and understand it. Why I suggest you think over again according to you choosing inspiration is right and selecting motivation is wrong but you have to understand it this is not upon choosing between one of them and no one is right and nor
be wrong you never select one of them both are necessary for our life you must think over it.


Can you think about a person which is never be motivated or nor be inspired as we know human nature our feeling or energy graph can’t be straight line it always fluctuates, therefore, a person requires both of them I know you think how is it possible I will explain you suppose you inspired by a person who is that stage which you want to become and you start following him step by step like

  • How he lives his life

  • What was he doing in his past so that he achieves that goal

  • How he set their goal

  • What he read

  • What are the habits of that person

  • What kind of persons he spends most of the time

  • The surrounding environment

  • The way he was choose


There are many more things like that but when you start doing this you have to face the failure in your starting days and that time you feel depressed. But don’t worry you don’t take it so seriously because

No one can learn from her mother stomach


ROME was not made in a day

because these all things are the part of the life then when you feel depressed and feeling upset, and you have to need the motivation to take you on your track and after feeling motivational you get back to your path and you will fill with full energy and start again doing that work and still following him because NO PAIN NO GAIN
I think you should understand it clearly.


You never stayon one side of the coin because the coin has two sides and you have to face both of them and both of them are require for life.

You never


The Taste of winning


If you never

Fail in your life


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