Lessons Learned in Life From Riches

Lessons Learned in Life From Riches


Lessons Learned in Life

The poor and the middle-class work for money, the rich have money’ work for them.

As you saw from many years only 1% of people in this world are successful.

you. Can ever Think why they are successful”, I know success has a different meaning of more than one definitions and each definition has on it’s mean, But all of you agree with me. Because money is common in each of them.

lessons learned in life

So, Today I am talking about why rich people are rich and why only a few people are rich.

Avoiding one of Life’s Biggest Traps

Here I am talking about life’s biggest lessons learned in life. If you learn it you’ll enjoy a life of great freedom and Security. If you don’t “you’ll struggle your whole life with earning money. Most of the people work to very hard for little money clinging to the illusion of job security and looking forward to a three- week vacation each year and maybe a Skimpy pension after for five years of services. If these things excite your I’ll give you $100 per hour… I don’t making a laugh of people who do those things, I’ want to explore your point of view so you can see something most people never have the benefit of seeing because their vision is too narrow. Most people never see the trap they are in because they never acquire the knowledge through lessons learn in life.

Don’t worry! I will explain. It’s doesn’t that $100 an hour sound good? Doesn’t it make your heart beat a little faster? I know you agree with me, but if I pay you a $1000 an hour. Now your heart started to Face. your brain is screaming, Take it. Take it ” you don’t believe this. what all.

lessons learned in life

” Okay, $10000 an hour. “your little brain-heart nearly exploded. After all, $10000 an hour is not a cup of tea. After hearing This you will start imagining the big bungalow, new Sportscar and many more.

” Okay, finally $ 100000 an hour” I know this makes you millionaire Not many grows-ups in 2019 made more than that, After hearing this quickly your temptation disappear and calm set in.

I was testing you and I knew there was a part of your emotions that wanted to take the deal. I understood that every person has a weak and needy part of their soul that can be bought, and he knew that every individual also had a past of their soul that was resilient and could never be bought. It was only a question of which one was stronger.


Most people have a price And they have a price because of human emotions named. fear and greed , First. the fear of being without money. motivates us to work hard, and then Once. we get that paycheck, greed or desire start us thinking about all the wonderful things money can buy. The pattern has then sited The pattern of getting up. go to work pay bills; get up, go to work, pay bills. people’s lives are forever controlled by two emotion. fear and greed. Offer them more money and they continue the cycle by increasing their spending This is what I call the Rat Pack.


lessons learned in life

Instead, they feel the fear of not having money. They don’t confront if Logically. They react emotionally instead of using their head, instead, they get a few dollars in their hands and again- the emotions of joy. desire and greed wake over And over again they react instead of think. Their emotions control their brain.

People lives are forever controlled by two emotions: Fear and Greed!

Instead of admitting the truth about how they feel, they react to their feeling & and fail to think. They feel the fear so they go to work, hoping the money will soothe the foot, but it doesn’t.

Fear leaps them in this lap of working, earning money, working, earning money, hoping the fear will go away. But every day they get up, and that old fear keeps them awake all night, causing a night of turmoil and worry, so they get up and go to work, hoping that a paycheck will kill that fear growing at their soul.

Money is running their lives, and they refuse to tell the truth about that, Money is in the content of their emotions and their souls. Most people think after become rich Their problems will solve but not just to be rich, because being rich does not solve the problem, in fact, it compounds your problem. let me explain the other emotion:

Burning Desire

Some call it greed, but I prefer desire. It’s perfectly normal to desire something better, prettier, more fun, or exciting. So people also work for money because of desire. They desire money for the joy they think it can buy.



But the joy that money brings is often short-lived, and they soon need more money for more joy, more pleasure, more comfort and more Security. so they keep working, thinking money will soothe their souls that are troubled by fear and desire.

But money Can’t do that. Even rich people do this, In fact, the reason. many rich people are rich isn’t because of desire, but because of fear.

They believe that money can eliminate the fear of being poor, So they amass tons of it, only to find the fear get worse. Now they have a fear of losing money even so many people who keep working even though they have plenty, people who have millions who are more afraid now than they were poor.

They’re terrified of losing it all.

The fears that drove them to get rich got Worse that weak and needy part of their soul is actually screaming louder. They don’t want to lose the big houses, the cars and the high life money has bought them. They worry about what their friends would say if they lost all their money. Many are desperate and neurotic, although they look rich and have more money.

After reading this you think ” So is a poor man happier”.

Well, my friend, my answer is no, I don’t think so, the avoidance of money is just as psychotic as being attached to money.

So many people say, oh, I am not interested in money. Yet they’ll work at a job for eight hours a day because they never try to acquire information or knowledge through the lessons learned in life

There are do mary people who say, oh, I’m not interested in money .” yet They’ll work at a job for eight hours a day. That’s a denial of Truth. If they aren’t interested in money, then why are they working? That kind of thinking is probably we’re psychotic than a person who hoards money.

” After reading this statement you think “so what do we do ” Not work for money until all string of fear and greed are gone. “

My answer is Not that would be a waste of time. Emotions are what make us human The word “emotion Stands for energy in motion. Be truthful about your emotions and use your mind and emotions in your favour, not against yourself.

” Don’t worry about what I just said. It will make more sense in months, days of months and even years to Come, Just be an observer, not a reactor, to your emotions. Most people do not know that it’s their emotions that are doing the thinking. your emotions are your emotions, but you have got to learn to do your own thinking .”

Let understand this with an example when a Person Says,” I need to find a job. it’s most likely an emotion doing the thinking. Fear of not having money generates that though” But people do need money is they have bills to “pay, ” All I’m saying is that its fear that is all too often doing the thinking.


If the fear of not having enough money arises, instead of immediately running out to get a job, they instead might ask themselves this question: ” will a job be the best solution to this fear over the long run. In my opinion, the answer is no.

A job” is really a short- term solution to a long term problem. The main cause of the poverty of financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy or the government or the rich. It’s self-inflicts fear and ignorance that keep People trapped.

If you want to learn more then you have not given into your emotions you were able to delay your reactions of fear and greed. From here on in, it’s imperative for you to use those emotions to control your Thinking. Most of the people use fear and greed against themselves.

That’s the start of ignorance. Most people live their lives chasing paychecks, pay raise and job Security because of the emotions of desire and fear, not really questioning where those emotion-driven thoughts are leading them, it’s just like the picture of a donkey dragging a cart with its owner dangling a carrot just in front of its nose.

The donkey’s owner may be going where he wants to, but the donkey is chasing an illusion, Tomorrow there will only be another carrot for the donkey.

”Fear pushes you

out the door,

and desire calls to you.

That’s the trap.”

Never forget that fear and desire can lead you into life’s biggest trap if you’re not aware of them controlling your thinking. To spend your life living in fear, never exploring your dreams, is cruel.

To work hard for money thinking that it will buy you things that will make you happy is also cruel. To wake up in the middle of the night terrified about paying bills is a horrible way to live. To live alike dictated by the size of a paycheck is not really living a life.

Thinking that a job makes you secure is not really living a life. Thinking that a job makes you secure is lying to yourself.

That’s cruel, and that’s the trap I want you to avoid, I’ve seen how many run people’s lives. Don’t let that happen to you, please don’t let money ruin your life.

Question: What does ignorance have to with greed and fear?

It is ignorance about money that causes so much greed and fear.

Let me explain some lessons learned in life with a example

A doctor, wanting more money to batter provide for his family, raises his fees. By raising his fees, it makes health care more expensive for everyone.

It hurts the poor people the most, so they have worse health than those with money. Because the attorney’s doctor raises their fees, The attorneys raise their fees. Because the attorney’s fees have gone up, school teachers want a raise, which raises own taxes, and on and on.

Soon there will be such a horrifying gap between the rich and the poor that chaos will break out and other great civilizations collapse.

History proves that great civilizations collapse when the gap between the haves and have-nots is too great Sadly. We only memorize historical dates and names, not the lessons learned in life

Prices are not supposed to go up

In an educated society with a well – run government, prices should actually come down. Of course, that is often only true in theory Prices go up because of greed and fear Caused ignorance. If schools taught people about money, there would be more money and lower prices. But Schools focus only on teaching people to work for money, not how to harness money’s power. If people want to learn this first of all they should acquire the knowledge through the lessons¬†learned in life.

we have business Schools but all too often business Schools train employees -to become sophisticated bean counters. Heaven forbid bean – counter takes over a business.

All they do is look at the numbers, Fire people, and kill the business. I know this because I hire bean -counters. All they think about is cutting costs and raising prices which Cause more problems. Bean – counting is important. I wish more people knew it, but it, too, is not the whole pictures.






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