Quick Service Restaurant Vs Full-Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant Vs Full-Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant Vs Full-Service Restaurant – There are only two types of restaurants in the market quick-service restaurant ( McDonald’s )and full-service restaurants. In full-service restaurant, they provide you full facility, a waiter comes with a menu and ask for order after your ordering, he tells to the chief and your order will become in 20-25 minutes, This is quite a slow process and more 90% full-service restaurant will definitely close in beginning five years and these restaurants are quite expensive.

On other hand quick-service restaurants provide you food in few minutes, you have to only order your food on the counter and your food will be ready in 3 minutes, and quick service restaurants are much cheaper than full service


Quick Service Restaurant Vs Full-Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurants

  • Provide food in 3 minutes
  • Cheaper
  • Time-saving


Full-Service Restaurant

  • Take 20-25 minutes for providing food
  • Quite Expensive
  • Time Consuming


How to Open a Quick Service Restaurants


1.  Innovation In Product and Process

You have to change your process and also product, your customer doesn’t eat whole year the same things you have to innovate in your product and as well in your process.


You have to learn how to play with the menu try to innovate in your menu like, you should change your product. It looks different and attractive.


2. Without Software Your Outlet is a piece of Hardware

As we know the world is changing with the speed of light and this happens because of technology. If you don’t use technology in your business your competitor left you behind. If you use technology in your business you will low your manpower cost and you handle your manpower easily, and everything will be automatic.


3. Standardized Operation For Progression

You have to always take care and handle your management like which food sale is high and which one has low sell, you have to take care of centralized procurement. Those products which have high sell must available in bulk quantity with having good quality and good time delivering. You must also check which product FSN ( Fast, Slow, Non-moving ) and you must have the knowledge of product area.


Example: Seafood is very famous in Japan similarly, vegetarian food is famous in India.

Also, you must have high-quality control and audit in every department.


4. Retention Of Quality ManPower at Affordable Rates

You have to focus on your manpower these are three basic rule:



Retention: Your manpower has to loyal towards you. If you don’t have loyal manpower it is not beneficial for you.

Quality: You have to make high-quality manpower because, high-quality manpower provides, high quality works.

Affordable Rates: Try to build your high-quality manpower at low prices because quick restaurants don’t need high price manpower.


5. Maintain Average Ticket Price

You grow your business but you don’t maintain your average ticket and if you don’t control your margin or cost than you will just close your business. Because

Expansion Without Gross Margin Is Committing Suicide

You must also take care of your row material, high rental, labour cost, food cost.


For example: If you use 300g paneer in one burger, then 3kg  paneer is used in 10 burgers, but if 3kg paneer is used in 9 burgers than you have to worry about it. You must find this type of leakage in your business.



In every business you must follow some steps these are the steps of that basic to run a quick-service restaurant successful, and If you want success to follow these steps you definitely achieve success.


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