In this world very few people are successful or we can say that only 1% of people are successful.

They are not different from us they grow with us from their childhood play with us but after some time in adult age, they achieve success are rest of still struggling and they become a millionaire or billionaire and the whole universe know their names.

People see them and think how to achieve success and what is the procedure for achieving success but this is not the Right question is which they asked which is

HOW SUCCESSFUL People think..?




First of all, we have understood of intelligence there is more than one intelligence

The theory of multiple intelligence by Howard Gardner.

His work mind-expanding and validating. He teaches that there seven intelligence


As we know we have three parts of brain RIGHT, LEFT, AND SUBCONSCIOUS.



Generall, this part of the is used for writing, speaking, and logic.

Kids who do well in the school develop their left mind from Gardner’s research left brain would be most associated.

Like with writer, scientist, and lawyer, accountant and school teacher professions.



This part of the brain is often associated with pictures, music, art, and other nonlinear relationships with creativity and imagination.

From Gardner’s work, musical and spatial intelligence would be most associated with the right brain.

Designer, architect, and musician are professions for people with this dominant intelligence.



This is the most powerful of the three because it includes the “old brain’’ often called a primitive brain.

It’s the primitive brain that is almost like an animal’s brain. It does not think, but rather reacts, fights, flees, or freezes.

From Gardner’s work, intrapersonal intelligence would most relate to the subconscious mind.


BillionaireIn my opinion, it is a person’s intrapersonal intelligence that ultimately determines if they are success or failure in life, love, health, and money.

This is because the subconscious mind is the most powerful part of the brain, especially in pressure situations.


Thought process

As we know, the work which we can do intestinally is done by the conscious part of our brain and the work which is not in our control is done by the subconscious part of our brain.

When we think about something which is related by anything like our conscious mind says yes I can, I will


But our subconscious mind generates a fear of failure.

what happens if I will fail there will nothing after for me and this fear is far greater than to achieving success and because of this fear people cannot take their first step towards their success even after they know this is just a thought but people can’t.

If you want you to achieve success to overcome your fear of failure,

First, you should conquer your fear of failure here Failure is Important

is another blog for you which will help you to overcome your fear of failure you must read it after this blog.

How to control the thought process of the

subconscious mind

First of all, we have to break down our long term goals into short term goals.

Then we have set a plane to achieve our short term goals because when we break our long term goals into short term goals.

We will see our result as fast compare than long term goals because at that time we can see our progress in the short term goal that is not possible in long term goals.


BillionaireWhen we see our results in short term goal we will improve our self on a short goal basis.

After that when we achieve our first short term goal then we have a curiosity about our next short goal and try to achieve as soon as possible,

Due to this curiosity, our subconscious mind also encourage us to achieve our next short term goal and both conscious and subconscious mind will work together and we use all three parts of our brain.


Billionaire or Successful people are not different from us they can change their thoughts to see the long term vision which most people cannot see but they can.

They do not think like other people or common people they think differently.


“ We can change our life by changing our thinking’’


                         “ Successful people

                          are not

                        different from us


                        They think

                        different from us’’











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