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If you want to become unstoppable, then this is definitely for you

Today I am here to tell you the truth of life I will tell you



Even all they are capable and  responsible both,

But only a few of them can achieve success because those few people understand the truth of life.

But it is all about understanding  the journey of life,

Earlier the people understand this journey then earlier they become capable to follow their passion or achieve success,

There is also some rule of this journey which affects the journey of our life which we can tell you later below this article.



The reason why people cannot successful..?


  • The reason people cannot achieve success in their life because they cannot try to extend their limit as we know the human brain has no limits.

But people can not try to extend their limits, people always want to stay in their comfort zone even they don’t think for a little bit of effort.


  • Another reason is people cannot find their inner talent because of our dominant society it has a culture to study hard get good grades and get a secure job for their retirement.

They think to get a high paying job and work for a company till their retirement. which is the right or safe decision for their life it is a good decision if want to stay in 99% of a people group who struggle all life.


  • They did not understand the meaning of life people always busy into their office work, business, and other work but people did not understand life is not about earning money and fame these two things is only the part of life, not the life.

They have to understand the first requirement of life, which is to understand yourself.


  • They are unable to find their passion because they are so busy in their daily life routine even they cannot spend a single second with yourself.


These are some reasons for people cannot find their passion and don’t give some time itself so they fail to achieve success.


But the main reason people did not achieve success is that when people try to begin work even they think about to begin something new our society demotivate them.


people said you are not capable or made for this work or there is no place for you in this type of work, you have no experience these all negative sounds are coming from society.

Then there is a wall of these type of words are created in their subconscious mind and people start believing they don’t do that work.


There is another wall which created by our subconscious in itself which is huge with comparing it with the wall of sound comes from society people like an ant and an elephant.


To break down the wall which is created by negatives words of our society is much easier than the wall which is created by our subconscious mind.


How to breakdown the wall made in our subconscious mind..?

If we want to break the walls which are made in our subconscious mind then,

First of all, we have ignored the negative words coming from the society we have to conquer our fear of failure.

If you want to conquer your fear of failure you must read this, this will definitely help you to conquer your fear of failure


Let’s break the first wall when we hear the words coming from the society we have to listen to those words because we cannot shut the mouth of all society and we cannot close our ear or avoiding society because we are also a part of society.


Then,  we have to find a solution which whenever somebody says you don’t do this work you are not capable of it then you have to ask a question after these types of the statement is why..?



Why  I can’t do that work that all more than 90% of people don’t know the answer and remaining who has the answer to this question are in our support indirectly because they warn us to take a step carefully.



It is much harder to breakdown the second wall subconscious mind as compare with first because this is self-made wall created by our own subconscious mind to breakdown this we have to control our thoughts because our subconscious mind only reacts towards our thoughts, and controlling your thoughts is not a cup of tea most of the people are unable to do this but few of them can achieve it.

Controlling your thoughts is much simple as kicking a football but



                                         We are what our thoughts

                                                  have made us;

                                 so take care about what you think.

                                          Words are secondary.

                                    Thoughts live; they travel far.


the condition is you have to understand this thought process.










If you understand this you can control your subconscious mind and breakdown the second wall


Rules of journey



  • If you want to achieve success, first of all, you have to think like successful people if do this you will already win the more than half of your journey, for doing there is something for you which will definitely help you to think like a billionaire



  • You cannot say you are not part of the society you cannot counterfeit yourself. If you do this it is your loss, not anybody else. You are also a part of this society.


  • You have to understand how to live life if you not, then you will never feel happy if you achieve success and all things.


  • You cannot play on your safe side live has also some risk because without risk there is no meaning of life so you have to play with some risk.


  • You have to learn how to control your thoughts if you don’t learn this you will bee struggle in the whole journey other people


You have to conquer your fear of failure if you don’t. you always try to play on the safe side of life and if you play on the safe side you will struggle like others into the whole journey.



Achieve success in life is not so much hard but you have to follow the rule of success to achieve it.

Control your thought process which is quite hard but if you want to learn there is nothing like hard thing exist in this universe for you.

                                        “You Learn More

                                       From Failure Than

                                            From Success.

                                      Don’t Let It Stop


                                Failure Builds Character.”












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